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Clients throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia know CHANGFA as the fabric sector’s top choice for high-end digital printing of polyester, cotton, rayon, and silk featuring stylish, vivid, 3-D flower-based designs. Why? Firstly, integrity. As a long-running family founded and owned company, our promise to you is a promise kept whether it be product quality, delivery date, or service level. Combined with 16+ years design, development and production experience, that commitment leads to market-winning output. Many individual staff members here have logged several decades in the industry in fact, and use the latest technology available to best deliver quality, consistency, and high productivity. Short lead times for quotations, samples, and finished products – ensured by excellent, responsive service and thorough use of our ERP system – separate us from the competition as well. Moreover, an MOQ is just 100 meters of fabric for any new order.

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