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Clients throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia know CHANGFA as the fabric sector’s top choice for high-end digital printing of polyester, cotton, rayon, and silk featuring stylish, vivid, 3-D flower-based designs. Why? Firstly, integrity. As a long-running family founded and owned company, our promise to you is a promise kept whether it be product quality, delivery date, or service level. Combined with 16+ years design, development and production experience, that commitment leads to market-winning output. Many individual staff members here have logged several decades in the industry in fact, and use the latest technology available to best deliver quality, consistency, and high productivity. Short lead times for quotations, samples, and finished products – ensured by excellent, responsive service and thorough use of our ERP system – separate us from the competition as well. Moreover, an MOQ is just 100 meters of fabric for any new order.


All production and design work is done in-house, using environmentally-friendly processes at one of CHANGFA’s three factories which total more than 4000 square meters (40,000+ sq. ft.). Clients also come to us daily with their own patterns which we then turn around reliably and fast. How many and how fast? 2,000+ new styles annually, with cotton samples in 3 to 4 days or polyester in just 1 to 2 days. Even new designs can usually be done in 5 to 7 days for cotton and 3 to 4 for polyester. Our “competition” is invariably 7+ days at minimum, regardless of design or material.


CHANGFA has high standards for our work on your behalf, and we have therefore developed exacting work-flow processes and strict QC, including numerous tests for color-fastness. Great procedures aren’t enough if we don’t hold staff themselves to a high standard though, which we do. Management gets those standards, however, by holding all team members in high regard and showing it through above-average compensation and benefits. Genuine responsibilities met both within the firm and to the outside are evidenced not only by rapid expansion of our client base, but by low staff turnover.

Brand Story


For our many current clients, CHANGFA represents nothing less than the fabric industry’s top choice for bright, striking, high-end, digitally-produced patterns. In fact, the name CHANGFA is imprinted as strongly in our clients’ minds as our patterns are on our fabrics – and with good reason. With a low MOQ and a massive choice of colors and patterns, CHANGFA features fast, customized service for fast turnaround of customized products. Consistent excellence is what has built our reputation, and the evolution of those traits leading time and again to those great results is the true story of our brand.


Of course, like other top brands in our segment, CHANGFA has great staff who utilize the latest digital printing technology, an ERP system, and strict process control systems. Like only a few others, we also have SGS certification, along with numerous color-fastness tests. What truly sets us apart though is how we use those tools, and our relationships with clients, with suppliers, with each other, and with end-users.


We at CHANGFA don’t just apply continuous improvement to our product development, but to ourselves. We not only seek out team members who already have a desire to grow on a daily basis, but encourage and foster their ability to do so. We’re also, however, always mindful of true client needs, and true end-user market demands. By focusing not on “win-win” but on everybody wins, we have managed to earn opportunities, earn trust, earn client loyalty, and earn our recognition.


Perhaps not surprisingly, CHANGFA is a family-founded company. For us, it seems hard to imagine that a strong, positive company culture such as ours could evolve any other way than organically, through strong values. Though we’re humble and aren’t comfortable placing our names and faces front and center, we’re proud to do so as needed since we have great confidence in our track record and our future accomplishments. It is a confidence born of hard work as much as skill or cleverness, achieved only after many years of diligent application and passion. A passion, moreover, that is just as infused into our work, just as visible, and just as beautiful as the fabrics we make. CHANGFA – behind the scenes to make your fashion show come to life. Welcome.

Team Members


Oversees all departments, and directly responsible for organizational structure design, ERP system development and implementation, and standard/process specification in each sector. IT engineer with strong management and decision-making skills.

-Frank Gu


Responsible for all sales and marketing activities, team construction, and in-house sales skill and product-related training. Fluent in both English and Japanese.

-Jane Zhen
Sales Manager


Responsibilities ranging from pattern development with foreign design studios to pattern depiction management. 10+ years’ industrial experience marked by high-efficiency and a strong sense of role “ownership.”

-Xiuying Li
Head of Design Department


Primarily responsible for new and existing client development. A passionate corporate evangelist who has moved through the ranks from front desk receptionist to top sales producer.

-Rongxiao Jiang
Head of Domestic Sales Department

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